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move from south australia to queensland

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thinking of a move, not immediately but in next couple of years :)


however my concern is that i keep reading tradie jobs are hard to come by in Queensland....


is this still the case? my hubby is an electrician, he has a fab job here which he has been in for two years...


bit worried about giving that up if work is hard to come by in Queensland...


any advice from electricians in Queensland would be fab- whats the work situation like please?


Thanks :)

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I can't give you info of what the job situation is like on the ground as it were, but if you have a look at seek.com.au, for 'electrician' in Adelaide it lists 85 vacancies & a further 120 in regional SA. In Queensland, it lists 303 vacancies in Brisbane, and a further 615 in other areas of QLD.

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