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Act regional sponsorship -recruitment consultant

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Hi all


is there an y one to guide me?????


Does act smp list have the recruitment consultant 223112 ?


If they do have it, then what are the requirements to get qualified for that sponsorship? Do they need a job offer also? What is the ielts score that they need?


Also how much time does it tae for the processing of act regional sponsorship????


Please help us outtt guysss...!!!!!!!


Thanks in advance

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Recruitment Consultant Limited places - IELTS 7.0


ACT not classified as Regional Area, therefore only option would be 176 visa


Awww we want to go for 475 visa.And the only other state that is till now sponsoring Rcruitment consultants is NT...but the main issue with NT is their procesing times.Do yuou know of someone who got his NT SS fast???

Thanks For Help

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