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Sydney Quiz Nights as a way of making friends & settling in?????

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I went to North Bondi RSL last night for a coffee after my swim at Redleaf and they were holding the regular Tuesday Quiz Night.


I didn't want to stay the night there but I did watch the first half and wrote down as many of the answers as I could (not many - it's useless trying to do a quiz on your own. You need a minimum of four.)


It seemed like pretty good fun to me, free to take part with various groups of friends and families. You don't just answer questions either as you have to 'get involved' too.


At one point, everyone stands up and adopts one or other position as the compere reads out a name and asks 'is it the name of a horse or a porn star?' Eventually one or two people are left standing and get a prize.


At another break the compere asks each team to send up a driver's licence photo and he picked the ugliest and again awarded a prize to the 'winner'.


As I left, one lady from each table was standing on the stage taking turns to launch a paper plane, again with the one flying furthest getting a prize.


If I had wanted to stay I would have asked one of the tables if I could join them. I've done that before.


Anyway, it just seemed like a good way to get involved in some kind of social life as there are similar quiz nights all over Sydney. Three pubs in Surry Hills host them on different nights of the week. People get a meal, have a few drinks. I enjoyed it just watching


It's good-humoured too and people get to know each other. I remember going to a quiz night once in England and my mate Nick hissed at me (his stage whisper was louder than an elephant's bellow)



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