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Brissie suburbs

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Guest can36



We've just arrived in Brissie and are staying in corporate apartments in the CBD right now - but need unfurnished rental starting October until Jan/Feb next year.


Does anyone know what Newmarket is like?


We're basically looking for a family-friendly suburb - so lots of parks for our 3.5 year old and 21 month old, good nursery for when we both have to go to work....but basically lots of outdoors stuff to keep the kids occupied.


My partner will be working in Fortitude Valley - so she doesn't want a really long commute in and out - she's happy to walk, bus, train or drive if necessary.


Any advice much welcomed.


Cheers :)

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Newmarket has some very nice pockets.


I'm becoming a fan of this little estate in Newmarket which I cycle through....it has a recommended school at the entry, some lovely period houses and a great park leading onto a bike track that goes for miles in both directions.




The train to the valley should be walking distance from there and only be a few stops, maybe 5.


It has the lovely Newmarket pool nearby as well. If you cross Enogerra road the bike path continues for kilometres along a whole series of parks that run along the creek.


Neighbouring Wilston near Kedron Brook Rd is nice as well but a bit more upmarket and expensive overall.


You may have to take the rental for 6 months minimum....sometimes they want 12.


Welcome to Brisbane....hope you had a good view of Riverfire :)

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Try Bulimba or Hawthorne South of the river


You will have parks, pools and schools coming out of your ears


Catch 5 min City Cat to Tenneriffe from Bulimba then 5 min fast bus to the Valley




CityCat to New Farm and then 5 min bus or 15 min walk to the Valley


Good luck



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The train is the best way to access the valley via public transport so anywhere on a train line is good - preferably north for a shorter, quicker trip.


Here's some spots on the train line you could check out:


Wilston map link


Good schools, cafe strip, lovely queenslanders, hilly in parts, some with city views, train 3 stops (8 minutes) to the valley, close the The Grange library and Newmarket swimming pool. Expensive. Parks a bit far.



(Wilston Village)



Woolowin map link


Good schools, lovely queenslanders, flat, awesome parks with access to one of Brisbanes longest recreational bike paths, train 4 stops to the city from Eagle Junction. No/little cafe strip locally but close to Racecourse Rd, currently lots of airport link construction nearby so might pick up a bargain.



(Kalinga Park, Woolowin)



Nundah map link


Don't know much about Nundah but has schools, large village centre, good train access.



(Nundah Village)

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Guest can36

Hi All - thanks for the replies....


Other half is saying train to the Valley sounds perfect - didn't expect some of the runs to be as quick as you are telling us - city cat/bus sounds fine for her too - seems like the PT system here is pretty good - which is good news.


Going to look up the suggested burbs - thanks...can't wait to get out of the CBD - it's not ideal with 2 kids in a very basic high-rise apartment. Noted about the 6 months rental - I noticed the realestate website talks about applications etc. can anyone shed any light on that? Do you have to "apply" for each rental that you're interested in or what? Is it difficult to get good rentals - a lot of "competition" as it were??


Kind of hoping we don't get too attached to Brissie in a way - because the other half's work may mean we relocate to Darwin in Jan/Feb - however we always wanted to be in QLD and I get the feeling we are really going to enjoy our time here!!


Out of interest - do most people know about schools being good/bad just through word of mouth or is there some sort of State rating system?? We will be looking for nursery places for our boys - our eldest would have started pre-school in the UK last month there - so keen for him to be in some sort of pre-school education....any advice there??


Thanks guys - really appreciate the friendly and informative replies!!



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