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Shipping box volume

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Had a quote come through from Anglo pacific to ship over some tea cartons (3) and 2 book cartons. Now as I am only sending clothes that i can't get in my suitcase, some bedding uni course books etc, is 19 cubic feet sufficent? Unfortunately this kind of working out is not my strong point :laugh: and would appreciate it is anyone can help me out :rolleyes: I plan on vac packing the king size quilt and single to try and conserve some space but kinda worried that i won't have enough room


Thanks in advance

PR granted June 2015 - Awaiting clearance from DIAC for citizenship application ~~~~ June 2016 come at me :biglaugh:

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19 cuft is around the size of 3.8 large suitcases. Vac pack all linen / clothes . . it'll save space. Everything will need a clean / iron to freshen it up at the other end anyway.

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