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GESB Pensions - any good?

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Hi all, after some advice re pensions. I transferred my UK Civil Service Pension over here a couple of years ago and have it in a BT superwrap account. I have been working for governement in WA for a couple of years now and someone suggested that I should put my super money into my GESB account, I have about $125k in my BT super at the moment. The question I have is, are the GESB accounts any good as I don't really understand all this superannuation stuff!!

Tracy & Geoff, Oliver (12) and Daisy (7), Visa applied for online 09/1/08, police checks sent 14/2/08 meds 18/1/08, finalised 11/2/08. visa granted 16/7/08, arrived in Perth 12/1/09

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Guest Tommo426

Hi Tracy


No-one reallu understand teh superannuation stuff. GESB are pretty good - offer lots of services and don't charge a lot either. I think they are one of the lowest charging funds out there. I transferred my UK pension a few years ago, also to BT, but transferred it to GESB a year ago to get lower fees and better returns. I think I was paying BT more than 2% a year but GESB's fees are well below 1%. Transferring your pension from BT is a bit of a pain but its worth it.


Hope this is useful.



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