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The [Confusing] World of Customs

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Guest EFT

Hi all,


We're half way through packing all of our stuff ready for the move to Aus and because our cargo guy speaks very lite English, it's difficult to get an answer for anything so I was hoping you guys could help?


We have about 250kgs of stuff all packed into two metal chests and two

Wooden boxes (just TVs in the wooden boxes) and the value is probably near $20k. About 4 items are less then 12m old (so I know we'll be charged GST on the $2k value for those.


What charges are we going to incur when the cargo arrives in Melbourne? Gov website is confusing and hard to read on an iPhone (no other internet access!). I understand we'll need a Customs Clearance which costs and unclear amount. The shipper says he pays nothing other than the cost to GET the stuff to Aus - nothing else.


Will we need an inspection or is that based on what our inventory looks like? There's no untreated wood or things of dubious origin.


Any other costs? I don't want the stuff to rock up and we get asked to fork out $1000+.


The shipping company we use is being imposed upon us for various reasons so changing shipper isn't an option :-(


Any help would be really appreciated!





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They won't inspect anything unless something intriguing is on your inventory. Most personal shipments do not get inspected and do not attract any GST (even for goods less than 12 months old). They're more worried about people bringing in larger quantities of stuff to sell on.


Not sure how much the customs inspection will cost as last time all our shipping costs were paid for.

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Make sure the wooden packing boxes are approved for import.

So many wineries ......so little time :yes:

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