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Is an AAT in accountancy good enough to migrate with?

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Hi can anyone help is an AAT in accountancy recognised in Australia. I have checked the relevant skills assessment website but it's not clear. Thanks

Visa Applied 25/5/11, GRANTED 16/9/11 Now Living the Dream In Perth:jiggy:

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It's not high enough to migrate with as an accountant, but you can use it in Australia and transfer it to their accounting body NIA.

On the AAT website it states the following;


Australia - AAT (Australia)



The agreement between the AAT and the National Institute of Accountants of Australia (NIA) has resulted in the creation of AAT (Australia) and NIA recognition for AAT full members who want to work in Australia. In the future these benefits will also extend to AAT student members who wish to continue their training in Australia. The agreement means that AAT members will be able to transfer their membership to the NIA.


For more information:


NIA - National Institute of Accountants

National Institute of Accountants

PO Box 18204

Collins Street East

Melbourne VIC 8003 Australia


Tel: +61 (3) 8665 3100

Fax: +61 (3) 8665 3130

E-mail: membership@nia.org.au

Website: www.nia.org.au

The NIA also has offices in: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney.



Hope this helps.



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