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Please help me achieve my dream

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Hi this post is for a very good friend of mine who is not yet a member on here, it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could give us some advise on obtaining a visa.


Age 46, Fire Alarm Technician , we know it is covered by Electrician Special Class anzco code. All the necessary work experience but unfortunately no degree.


When the age limit was raised we thought it was the answer to his prayers but he still falls short on points.


Under the new criteria, taking into account an 8 score with ielts etc, etc i think he falls about 5 points short after taking into account state sponsorship etc.


We have now seen that you can get additional points for partner skills.


His wife has an AAT in Accountancy, can anyone be kind enough to advise what the criteria is to gain the additional partner skills points.


Sorry for rambling on but any advise or pointers would be greatly received.


Thanks in advance.



Visa Applied 25/5/11, GRANTED 16/9/11 Now Living the Dream In Perth:jiggy:

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Well the partner needs to be under 50, have a positive skills assessment, be on the SOL list and score 6 in each of the Ielts components plus 3 years of work experience with accounting I expect. This to get 5 points.


Alternatively there is NZ, only 3 hours flight to visit.


Heres the link to partner requirements...


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I would check with SOL the assessing authority as with Accountants, they need to achieve an IELTS Academic Test Result showing a band score of at least seven (7) on each of the four components — Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing.

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Guest leeann

Hi thanks for your replies unfortunately even with partner skills thats not enough! :-(


I cannot see how raising the age is meant to help as you get no points for it, ok anyone know much about a 163 business visa?

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