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Guest mosvar

Financial Situation PMV-300 (Help!)

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Guest mosvar

I received an email from my CO yesterday. They asked for some more things for the application. One being emails and phone logs of our time apart. Thought I gave enough originally. No problem have plenty more. The original NOIm. No worries will sort that. I have an official letter but not the NOIM from the celebrant as I was not there to witnessed it signed when filed by my fiance.


Now to the sticky part- that asked for this:



"Evidence of the Sponsor's financial support (The sponsor is responsible for all financial obligations to the Australian Government that your partner might incur in Australia.) Examples of financial support may include a letter of employment from the sponsor or the sponsors statement of earnings issued by the Australian Taxation office."



She is unable to provide this as she has been on support from Centrelink on disability for two years. What do we do? Do I be honest, let the CO know we don't and why with official documents from the start as to why she hasn't. Or just send those docs from centrelink in? As anyone familiar with an Assurance of Support (AoS) we can't get one until they specifically ask for it. I don't want any denial of visa and have to reapply. What do we do here?

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