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The status of my application shows "Application received - processing commenced".

When I go to the check list it show required against every document every document although I have uploaded all of them already.


Can someone please explain if I am missing anything here.


Subclass 176 - Started June 2011.

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It is OK. It means that your application has been successfully lodged. This message will remain the same until you get a CO.

Also, the messages shown in your document checklist will not change until your CO evaluates your documents and change their status.


Reza & Zahra,EA Assessment 21 APR 10,SS 18 Aug 10,176 lodged 01 Sep 2010, Co 15 Dec 2010, PCC and Meds call 11 OCT 2011, Visa Granted 07 Nov 2011, Aussie Citizen 19-Sep-2016:arghh:

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