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Guest TTAJ

Advice on buying used / new cars common faults

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Guest TTAJ

Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone can help with buying used / new cars, auction, dealer, private, models that are reliable out there and reasonably priced, common faults with aussie cars, what kind of deals do they do with new ones (so much warranty etc..):unsure:



we are a family of 4 coming over mid September.

cheers Tracy :jiggy:

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I can't help but look forward to any advice!


You can ALWAYS guarantee that they'll negotiate on price though - be prepared to walk away and you'll be able to knock some off.

Jo (Aussie), Jon (Pom on a 100 visa), Satch (the gorgeous viscous labrador) have now been joined by Siena Rose.

Does anyone have a spare instruction manual for a baby girl?

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New ones you get a better deal when buying later in the year when they discount the current year's models.


We have always had Japanese cars Toyotas which go and go, engines can take a lot of stick and not faults. We have automatics and the gears are great, one car we had for over twenty years and the automatic was never replaced or a problem. Reason we kept the car so long handed down in the family.


I have a Mazda no problems bought it new in 2002 and apart from tyres only cost. Also automatic and still going strong.


We will replace with Japanese.


Years ago we did have a Passat new one but it was a lemon and boy was it a problem.


Japanese and Aus cars are made for our climate and conditions.


Also you have to remember when traveling in the country areas if you have an audi or something European then if it breaks down you might have to wait for them to get a part for it, whereas with the Aus and Japanese they keep the parts. Also European cars are more expensive to service etc here.


My brother always buys privately as he is a second hand buyer and so is a friend of mine. You have to check that there is no finance on these cars. Also pays to have a check with the RACV in Victoria and similar services are available in NSW NRMA not sure what the other States services are called.


Second hand small cars hold their price here and they can appear to be quite expensive.


New cars we think are about the same price as in UK. We spent 3 months in UK last year and had a merc hire car and the same model was the same price here in Aus.


We do hot have inspections every year here, only when a car is sold so its more important to get the car checked over before you buy. There are the cut and shut man about so you have to have knowledge of cars or get someone who has to check for you.


Good luck with car buying.


:ssign15:taking no prisoners :wink:

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