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Question about marriage during application!


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Hello guys and girls

Looking for more advice please from you lovely people!

My partner and I are starting off the process to obtain our 175 visa. We are wondering if anyone knows or has any experience in this, in regards to getting married mid way through our application! We want to get the ball rolling and get our visa app logged asap but will probably get married after the process has begun. Does anyone know how easy/difficult it may be to add a spouse once the application has already been logged??

Any advice you can give would be much appreciated!

Many thanks in advance

Anthony & Emma

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Thanks for speedy reply! It is Emma that is the main applicant on the visa so should we add myself as the defacto partner? Do you not have to send hoards of information to support this - or would we have to do this anyway, to 'prove' our relationship? We have been together 4 years.

Thanks for any advice

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Sorry misread your orignal post. The second applicant (You) should be included when the main applicant (Emma) submits the application.


You will need to send in the DeFacto evidence when you first apply. You will need to do this anyway, since a wedding certificate by itself isn't proof of a relationship.


The Defacto proof take a little bit of time to put together but shouldn't be a problem if you've been together 4 years.


You will need statements from yourselves detailing the relationship. How you met, when you moved in, any other significant events, how you arrange your finances, who does what chores around the house, what you want from the future (mention the wedding here) etc etc.


For each of the 12 months (more if you have it is good) prior to the application, you need to supply one piece of official documentation sent to each of you at the same address (bills, bank statements, basically anything with a company's letterhead date and your address).


You also need to show some evidence of joint finances. Either joint bank account or evidence of transfers to each other or big purchases done together (travel receipts showing one person paid for both flights can be good for this one)


Other useful evidence would include things like naming each other as beneficiaries in your wills, any insurance that's in both your names.


That's the hard evidence. Soft evidence can include things like photos with each other's families/friends, wedding or other invites to both of you, etc, etc. If you've got plenty of hard evidence, don't worry too much about this.


For the partner visa you need statutory declarations from at least two family/friends, along with certified copies of their passports. Not sure if this is a requirement for defacto on 176 visa, hopefully someone else can help with this.

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