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Hi All I need some help. We are just about to start our skilled visa application my problem is one agent is telling me that my HNC is suitable to apply under a ''Building Associate'' and one agent has told me that I need a HND as a building associate needs an equivilant ''Higher diploma'' and the HNC is only classed as a ''Diploma''.


Has anyone tried to get their HNC assesed and if so what was it classed as?


Getting worried as we are tight on points and time!!:arghh:

Skills submitted Vettassess 23-09-11 Positive return 29-11-11, IELTS 9th Nov R8.5 L8.5 W8 S9 overall 8.5, WA SS applied 05-12-11 WA SS granted 13-12-11 176 Visa submitted 13-12-11 CO appointed 04-01-11, Visa Granted 27-01-12 :biggrin:

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Guest siamsusie

Bumping you post up for your Derham,


Hopefully you will receive some replies soon


Best wishes


Susie x

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