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Guest Cup Cake

Skills assessment issue with module descriptors

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Guest Cup Cake

Has anyone had a positive skills assessment from the IPA (formally NIA) based on university degree?


I applied to the ICAA but got a 'not suitable' result as they said I didn't have enough information on my university modules. I provided a handbook with module descriptors but apparently there wasn't enough detail for them to give a positive result :nah:


I was reading on the IPA website and they state that if you can not get info from your university then you can write the module descriptors yourself and have them signed by a public notary as a declaration.


I've tried asking my university several times to get more detailed module info and they just do not give me anything more than the handbook :no:


Is there any advise anyone can give me PLEASE! :hug:

Has anyone provided their own module descriptors themselves and passed?

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there is an educational qualification web site and how q's from different countries fit it did not cost that much to join for a year:




I joined it a couple of years ago via this link http://www.aei.gov.au/Services-And-Resources/Services/Country-Education-Profiles/About-CEP/Pages/default.aspx


I don't know if this would help you or not.


Did they say what was missing and which modules were causing the most difficulties? Did the handbook from the University match the modules you actually took and your transcript of results? It may be that the course had changed as they often do slightly each year.

Moved back to Perth in May 2013.

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