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Guest jodieandcarl

Hi all,


My partner and I are at the very early stages of researching our move to Australia however I am quite concerned about securing employment. At the moment I am a paralegal specialising in property law. I have all the qualifications to eventually qualify as a solicitor in the UK however I am not sure if these qualifications will be recognised in Australia. Also I have been told that law firms tend to employ those who are local to the area - even at paralegal level.


Can anyone help me please? It is my dream to move to Australia however I am eager to continue with my legal career aswell!!


Thank you in advance!!



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Hi x

You will need to make up to date checks since things are changing all the time, but it seems to me that you have three possible options:-


Option 1 - qualify as solicitor in UK then go to Australia

Option 2 - see if you can qualify as an Australian solicitor in the UK and then go to Australia

Option 3 - go to Australia and then qualify as a solicitor


As for option 1 it is correct that your solicitor's qualification is not automatically transferable to Aus, but it will go a long way towards achieving exemptions from the Aus requirements for academic training and for practical training. The extent to which you will achieve these exemptions will vary from State to State. However it does not matter which State you are admitted as a lawyer, because this will be recognised in the other States/Territories. So choose the State with the most relaxed requirements (probably either NSW or VIC). You can check the current situation from the State's Law Society website.


As for option 2, there are a lot of Australian trainee solicitors in London who complete their Australian examinations in London. There are good online and distance learning courses to achieve this. I don't know how feasible it would be for you to do your Aus solicitor's exam in this way - but it is worth looking at.


As for option 3, perhaps you could get a job as a paralegal first.


In my experience there is no question of being disadvantaged as a UK lawyer coming over.

The law is very similar however you have to be careful as there are several differences lurking in the background.


Good look!

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