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Mechanical Engineers in Melbourne

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Hi all,


Im a mechanical engineer with 18+ Years experience and a wide range of the Mech eng world. Im just leaving the Army and am looking to move to Melbourne (where my parents and Brother live already)


Im looking for somthing in the managment / PM / continual improvments manager and would love to here from anyone who is working/ looking to work in the sector.


Im over in Melbourne all of december visiting family anyway so hope to set up a lot of job interviews, (my visa app wil be submitted 1 Sept when I have my confirmed leave date from the forces).


Any pointers and ideas on the best way to attack the job market in Oz would be great.:biggrin: Many thanks in advance for all those replying.

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Welcome to the forum, cannot help on the job front other than to say have a look at Seek and Carreer One, also the Age Newspaper on a Wednesday and Saturday when most jobs are advertised. As you have family here sure they will be able to assist as well. Good luck.


:ssign15:taking no prisoners :wink:

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