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adult dependants

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hi both my daughters 18 and 20 are at college and are allowed on the family visa as our dependants are they allowed to have a part time job after college and if so is there a limit to how much they are allowed to earn, at the moment i am helping them out with spending money and working for a few hours a week after college would help as young adults do tend to need a bit of cash of there own any help would be much appreciated thanks:smile:

vetasses passed june 2011 - 176 family sponsor application logged june 13th 2011 - CO allocated feb 2012 visas granted april :smile:

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Guest siamsusie

Just to bump up your post for you.


Best wishes


Susie x

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I don't know of monetary limits, but I do know that you have to prove that your children are dependent on you for board and lodging, and for any money you give them to support them. A friend going through a similar situation was advised to give money through a bank transfer and not in cash so they had proof they were financially supporting their children. They also had to provide proof that they had paid their children's tution fees, books, fares etc... Good Luck

......Just trying to be helpful so don't shoot me down if my personal views do not coincide with yours! :animal-dog:

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