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Anyone from yorkshire heading to perth fancy a meet-up??

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We live in East Yorkshire and have seen various people on here from areas close to us.


We have just started with the visa, having applied for a subclass 163 business visa. We have been told this should take 10 - 12 months.


We would love to move to the suburbs around Joondalup, but are unsure as to where we will be heading exactly as yet.


Schools are important to us as we have 4 children, so we are still doing our homework on this. (No pun intended!)


Anyone else living near to us in Yorkshire/Lincolnshire that are heading off to Perth within the next 12 - 18 months that fancies a local meet-up before taking that life-changing flight?


Thought it would be good to see if we can get a few of us to meet up over here and possibly meet up again on the other side! :idea:


Tracey & Jon!!

WA Sponsorship Submitted: 15/09/11, Approved: 27/10/11, Visa Submitted: 02/03/12, Lodged: 06/03/12, CO Assigned: 23/03/12, Meds & PC's Req'd: 08/05/12, Police Checks: 12/05/12, Meds: 15/05/12, Visa Granted:30/05/12, Landed in Australia: 07/09/12!!

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