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containershipping timeline worry

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We are lucky to have recently gone under offer. The shock tofay is that our buyer wants to complete by end of month :err: So we move out later this month :shocked:


Our plan was to move to Australia early in 2012 (anticipated the sale of the house would take 6 months - not 6 weeks or less!). October is possibly the earliest we could go.


Id prefer when I move from my house my furniture go straight into the container and sent to Oz. If we arrive in mid October, hows is that for timing? How long does stuff take to ship and should I be getting the quotes from shipping companies in now? Silly question I guess


And the time from August to October - homeless and no furniture...did you move into a serviced apartment or stay with family?


All of a sudden this is all moving a million miles per hr. This time last month my house was sat and noone wanted to buy it...sheesh (not complaining!)

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Congrats on selling the house!!!


Whilst your buyer may want to complete in 6 weeks, it is very rare for a sale to go though so quickly - I would say 8-10 is more realistic (unless they are a cash buyer), so you may have a couple more weeks to play with.


Anyhow, you def need to get onto the shippers NOW and get them out to quote. Their diaries can sometimes be fairly full and they may not be able to get out to you immediately.


Re accomodation once stuff gone - we are going to stay with MIL for a couple of weeks, will be nice for her to spend time with grandson before we go and saves us a shed load of cash :-)


I would say if you have someone that will put you up, do that as you will want to spend time with them before you go.


Good luck with it all, the next few weeks will be a whirlwind!



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we just had a quote for £4200.00 for a 20ft container and we intend to fill it to the max.

all the best, see you in feb 2012.


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Guest destinationoz

When you get your quotes from shippers negotiate hard for free storage as you may need it - it's good to have as back up anyway. One gave us free 4 weeks another free 8 weeks. Just an idea!

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