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Nurse salary classification, proof?

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I have been sent a form (finally) from my new employers, in order to get my nurse salary level confirmed. It's basically to be a list of jobs, but also asks for evidence. Now I have a few different things for different jobs. I have a headed reference for last job which states length of service. I have a letter from HR for my previous job stating time at post. For the jobs before that, (and there is many!) I have a statment fron NHS Pensions stating all my NHS working dates. Does anyone know if this evidence will be enough? Or do I need to contact lots of different HR departments? (not something I want to start doing a week before my flight :sad:).

Even more confusingly I have a stat dec that was signed in Australia for my first five years experience, will I be able to use this as well? Not sure some of my previous health boards even exist! I was a baby when I graduated, so its been 18 years! :biglaugh:


Thanks for any advice

Gill x

Gill (40!), nurse, and Mal (43), ROV pilot tech.

IELTS 8.5 01/10, ANMC 05/10, SA SS 10/10, 176 application 11/10, 01/11 on SA SMP!!!, CO 14/2/11, visa granted 17/03/11 :yes:, living in SA since aug 2011.

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