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Qn for those living in the Hills District of Sydney

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We are considering Cherrybrook/West Pennant Hills area as we have 2 young children and it looks like we can get a house with space around the $1000 per week mark.


1. what are the local primary schools like? Any particularly good/any particularly bad?


2. I will likely have to commute to the CBD (Wynyard). The 131500 website tells me a Hills bus can get me from that area to Wynyard in 41 mins...Im not buying thats true as it seems too quick? Is it? Does anyone do that commute..I currently commute from Surrey to London Bridge daily so Im used to commuting an hour per day. My main concern is reliability as Ill be racing to get home before after school care shuts :biggrin:



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I've stayed in Baulkham Hills several times and found the bus to be reliable and arrives at the CBD on time, thanks mainly to the bus lanes that they can use. The only problem I found was that occasionally they came to the bus stop full and I had to wait for the next one. If you're anywhere near a train station, I'd say that would be the better option.

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Guest sk1nny

John Purchase PS is considered good in Cherrybrook but the best part is it's the feeder school for Cherrybrook Tech, which is the high school, a sort after gov shool with good reputation & selective out of area exams I think.

St.Agatha's Catholic school is on cnr of Pennent Hills Rd, busy intersection but the schools not bad..

Bus takes approx 50 mins with express trip in the AM/PM but the non express can be slightly longer, you could drive to Pennent Hills station or Thornleigh (10mins depending on time you go) which has free parking all day for commuters as an alternative

I'd expect a rental in Cherrybrook to be lower than $1009pw..I'd not pay that.

It's a slightly older suburb with most houses built from 1970's onwards, older brick, older styles etc, comfortable...small shopping area to service basics, an oval where thay play AFL, swimming pool, off leash dog park,

PM me if you need further info

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hi, we moved to cherrybrook a couple of months ago, having moved over from london.


you'll certainly find cheaper than $1k!! we're paying $650 for a 4bd house with a downstairs study, and we're a family of 5. and its a huge house. so shop around and do some groundwork by checking domain.com.au


train leaves from pennant hills for the city. bus is good, always on time and reliable.


WRT to cherrybrook - old?! i think you mean the older side of town, most people now move into the new section near the school, all the houses round here are no more than 20 yrs old, we met up with a neighbour who was the 1st person to move onto our rd 14yrs ago! our house didn't even exist till 4yrs ago.


you have to be wary of catchment areas - john purchase has a VERY small one so you have to be very near the school. there are a couple of other decent ones around here, schooling is pretty good.

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I was just talking to a mate of mine about travel to the CBD from Cherrybrook. He said the M2 is always delayed with speed limit changes/roadworks. Also, despite the bus lane on the Harbour Bridge, there is often a queue of buses stretching back onto the bridge waiting to discharge passengers. I remember reading something on the news about trying to convert an old tunnel under the CBD to accomodate the buses?


Going bus/train is OK but parking is sometimes difficult or you have to park a long walk from the station. When you are in a hurry these are always irritating hassles!


Cherrybrook/Castle Hill is a nice area but they did not put a railway line. The advice above about living near a station is sound - walking distance but not TOO close otherwise your road looks like a car yard on Parramatta Road because of the car/train commuters.


My brother lives at Picnic Point which is near the Georges River about 25-30K south west of the CBD. I like the area myself as it is leafy, quiet, with attractive homes. There is good shopping at Revesby and Panania. The train takes about 35 mins from East Hills/Panania/Revesby via the Airport line.


What about living in the inner city like me - Surry Hills? Not much of a garden it's true but SO convenient to the CBD. There are plenty of young families around I know. Prince Alfred Park is nice and the swimming pool should be open soon. $1,000 a week should get you a nice terrace house. I looked at a decent two bed terrace the other day for $680.

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