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Hi there. Am in process of applying for state sponsorship and am looking for advice on what I need to put in the 'commitment to south australia' box. Any guidance on how detailed this needs to be would be welcome...





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Just got my SS approved today by SA :D


We divided the 5 possible boxes into different areas, like lifestyle, housing, jobs and work and so on and then based our 200 words on each section on those and how we fitted into SA - ie the housing is supposedly the cheapest in Australia for a capital city, so this was good as it is nice and cheap lol.


We included web urls of websites that showed we had sone research, ie seek.com and other job sites on the jobs section, but overall we just talked about why we want to live in SA - for us, its the family friendly, cheap, laid back quiet lifestyle (compared to places like Sydney for eg), the weather being by far the best for us (we hate humidity), how we would benefit SA with me being a teacher and the fact I wanted to get back into Special Needs teaching and my husband running his own business so being able to employ other people in the state once he had a new one set up and showing that I knew exactly what I had to do to become a teacher in SA (taking a couple of courses and registering with the TRB etc), our love of food and wine and it being a massive wine region obviously, I think that about covers it.


I read a couple of other people's from various places and to be honest, they were all pretty different in style, but all just spoke about why they wanted to live there, it was all very personal, I think that's just what they want to see, so they know you do actually want to be there and aren't just trying to get SS as a fast way of getting a visa tbh.


Hope that helps - just write from the heart, and watch the word count! lol :biggrin:

Moved on a 179 PR visa Feb 2012; Citizenship granted Jan 2016. Settled in Adelaide. Loving it and feel like everyday is paradise compared to life in the UK.

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I pretty much just wrote what I felt were the pros of SA and what I had researched in regards to finding employment, also dropped in a few stats about the industry i'm in in regards to probability of finding work and also a bit about why I want to live there outside of work, The SA.immigration website has loads of info you can use and put in to your own words, also I mentioned I would be doing a recce as i'm in Oz already on a WHV so said I hadn't put too much thought into where to live as I would rather have a look around when I get there.


Pretty much just write the honest reasons you want to go and you cant go wrong!!


Good luck

Is living it up in Glenelg North!

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