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Guest kslh79

What info did meds require

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Guest kslh79

When we have our medicals done do they obtain your medical history from your GP or do they just go on whatyou tell them?

my hubby has serveral thing wrong with him but none seriuos do we declare them or just or will they find out anyway from our medical records.

Any help apprieciated

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Guest Gollywobbler

Hi there


Please see this link:


Visas and migration - Australian High Commission


I've given you a wider link than you need because there is a lot of good info on the AHC London site.


If you follow the Health link, the Information forms about visa meds will appear. You will also be able to download and study Forms 26 & 160, which are the forms for the meds and the x-ray respectively.


If you have had specialist treatment it is better to get copies of all that you can from your GP and offer the whole lot to the Panel Doctor. He or she will sift it and decide which, if any, of any specialist's letters to your GP or other test results need to be sent off with your Meds.





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