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Subclass 175 Visa Timescales

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Hi, I know this is the million dollar question but I am looking for advice on timescales for a subclass 175 visa to be approved? I recently received my skills assessment and our agent is now preparing the visa application. We had hoped to be flying out to Perth in February 2012 and wondered if this is achievable and what the average time scale from visa application to approval is? I am a registered nurse and will be going with my husband and two children. We know nothing is set in stone but a rough guide would be really appreciated. Thanks

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With the estimated timescale of 18 months for 175 visas, I'd say you will be pushing to get one before February 2012.


Have you considered getting WA state sponsorship and then applying for a 176 visa instead? That would put you into Priority Group 3 and while the processing time standards say 12 months for low risk applicants, there is no backlog and given the recent processing times for that visa, you should have a reasonably good chance of getting sponsorship and then a visa by February.


Have you spoken to your agent about a 176? And the probable time to get a 175 vs a 176?

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