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Timing issues..

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First of all, hello!!


Just discovered this forum. I am moving to Sydney in about eight weeks time. The flight is booked from London, I did my working visa (the holiday working visa that is 12 months then i have to leave) all online. Within one day I received the ok i had an email giving me my Visa details.


The problem is for me, everything seems to be a little bit too smooth. I was expecting to have to show documents, there is talk about people proving they have enough money saved up to be able to fly back, etc etc. All I did was tick "No" when they asked about criminal convictions, and "No" I wont commit crime when Im in Australia, "No" I dont have certain diseases etc etc. I usually wouldnt be so worried but my flight is to Syndey, then after only a few hours I carry on up to Cairns through the same airline. Im worried they will ask me for my documents, and proof of certain things when i land in sydney and it will take so long that i will not be able to transfer. If so i guess I should be trying to send things now to quicken the airport transfer up.


Is it usually this easy to get visas? I do have an email saying i have been granted 12 months from when I arrive blah blah, but i NEVER told anybody WHEN I was arriving?


Anyway thanks anybody who can shed some light.. I hope Im just paranoid and the days of long winded interviews and document photocopying are a thing of the past and it is just all automatic now! :) i doubt it but I would be pretty happy!

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A WHV visa isn't the same thing as a residency visa. The WHV is temporary, so they won't have the same requirements. It was many years ago I had mine though and I know the system has changed since then. Hopefully someone will be able to advise you though.


One thing I did want to say so you don't miss out on the opportunity if you wanted to. You can extend your WHV visa for an extra year if you are willing to work for during your first year in a regional area, for example on a farm etc. I'm not sure of all the facts but I think you have to do 3 months in this type of environment and they will extend your visa allowing you to stay for up to 2 years in total... might be worth looking into.

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yes it this easy to get the WHV. You have 12 months to enter the country after the Visa is issued, then your visa starts from that date.

Just print out document regarding visa details to take with you. But its unlikely you will need to show these at the airport as its all electronic now.


I was on WHV a few years ago, but got visa label put in my passport at office in Sydney, as they had ran out of labels at the airport.


it says ..Granted 07Aug04. Inital entry must not be made after 07Aug05. Multiple Travel. Holder is permitted to remain in Australia for 12 months from date of first entry.

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