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Guest gemfromoz

Small scale shipping, few boxes, by air. Choices?

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Guest gemfromoz

Hi All,


I'm really struggling to find the right deal here. Heres what needs to be shipped:


1) A small box about 10kg of textbooks. Not negotiable to leave behind as I am still at Uni.

2) A larger box with personal effects, trinkets, shoes and the like. Maybe 10kg all in but volume a bit bigger


I would like to ship both by air as when I looked into sea, it takes way too long for me and also comes with additional charges that make it not worth the wait.


I have a couple of options, Fedex do an economy service, 3-7 days for £70 for box 1. This seems to be the same price that the 'movers' charge, without the added hassle of having to use their boxes, have them come back, pay extra fees etc.


There are excess baggage companies charging around the same for the two boxes, £170ish for both but I have to deliver them to their depots.


Anyone had any experience with small scale shipping of stuff, and if so, who did you use and what were the costs?


I should add, I don't have transport at the moment, and will most likely be catching the bus Stansted - Heathrow, so difficult to drop stuff off anywhere. And I leave in 11 days. :twitcy:

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