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Guest equinepro

opportunity in Melbourne

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Guest equinepro

Hi I am currently living in the US and have a job opportunity in Melbourne. I am wondering if its economically feesible.. maybe you all can help. The job provides housing with my only cost being electricity. It is a 5 room home. (kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living room , laundry etc... ) Salary is $1000.00 per week. could I and my husband and two small children live comfortably ? Again the pay is $4000. per month plus housing.

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Hi there


You could manage on this I think yes. Housing is a big part of your costs over there and for a 3/4 bed 30 mins out of the centre you are usually looking at $420 (that's based on Point Cook area). So without this cost it would be fine.




Try that link for a breakdown of your other costs including schooling and medical costs. We are expecting to have about $1800 take home pay each week between us but we have no children, but we do have to pay for housing.


Here is an estimation of the costs I think I will have to pay based on things I have read - your food bill will be significantly higher due to you having children as we can scrimp a bit with there only being two of us. If you google Coles in OZ, you can do an online shop to get a rough idea of your weekly costs there.


Rent 1600 per month

Food bills 700 per month

Telephone + broadband 100 per month

Mobile 100 per month for 2

Car insurance 60 per month

Car registration 50 per month

Utilities 170 per month

Ambulance insurance 7 per month for couple (http://www.ambulance.vic.gov.au/families)

Monthly travel pass for bus/train/tram 113 per month for 1 person

(only zone 1 so have to drive first)

Private Healthcare cover 300 per month


Here is a link about Medicare too (their healthcare system) - doesn't cover everything though which is why we have factored in private medical insurance.

Hope some of that helps :)

Vic SS applied 03/11, granted 05/11, IELTS passed 09/11 score 9/8/8/8.5 overall 8.5, pos skills assessment 18/10 ,176 app 22/10, granted 16 Dec 2011!

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