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Rip off Britian

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For all those people out there that are sick of the rip off Australia threads, like me.


I made a trip on Saturday to our local Police Station (Telford, UK) to have my + the wife's finger prints taken, luckily there was a PC on the desk that actually knew that mere non-crims like ourselves may require our fingerprints taken for Police clearance from other countries ( e.g. South Africa). As we had not made an appointment we were made to wait an hour for them to be taken (only Crims get fast track VIP service). I then had to teach them how to take the finger prints as they didn't have a clue how to do it, supposedly they don't take finger prints any longer as it is all done with a scanner. Once the fingerprints were complete, all of 15 mins instruction by my self, they "demanded" £66.70 per person. I nearly fainted what a rip off! In S.Africa Finger printing is free at the local Cop Shop or Internal affairs.


Now all I have to do is post my application off to South Africa for the PCC with the £5.25 per person fee. Yes folks it is not a mistake Police clearance only costs £5.25 per person in SA not £35 like the UK, and S.Africa doesn't expect you to be honest and declare your previous misdemeanors, they seem to know it is a criminal record check and that they have to work for their money.:biglaugh:

TRA Submitted 24/03/11,TRA Successful 18/04/11,WA SA Submitted 19/04/11,WA Approved 20/05/11,176 Visa lodged 20/05/11,Form 1100 to DIAC 22/06/11,CO Assigned 05/07/11,Medicals 19/9/11 Finalized 27/09/11,S.Africa+UK PCC sent to CO 6/10/11,VISA Granted 7/10/11!


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