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457 to holiday visa options?

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Hi There,


The time has come to make some decisions.


I'm currently on a 457 visa and I know if I quit, without the intention of getting another job with sponsorship, that I have 28 days to leave the country.


If we decide to go travelling around Australia, what are our options? I know you can apply for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) but you cannot apply while in Australia and it's only valid for six months?


Are there any other options? I'm assuming not but I thought I'd ask in case anyone else has done this.





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Guest siamsusie

Rob it is a wee while ago now, but I applied for a E676 (I believe it was) off shore which was valid for 12 months.


This had a "no further stay" executed on it and I had to supply certain information.

It took about 20 days to process if my memory serves me correctly.




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