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VISA Timeline

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Hey all,


Would it be worth us setting up some sort of dedicated PIO timeline spreadsheet (maybe through Google Docs) to keep track of ANMAC or 175, 457 or 176 visas?


Something like this: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?pli=1&hl=en_GB&hl=en_GB&key=tliAX3A8Puf6BpfgJtipKYA#gid=0


Ive made it public for now, so everyone can access it - it can be made private later though - what do you think? I reckon it may be helpful to everyone on PIO.


Any suggestions welcome....

JUNE 2011 ANMAC SA sent, FEB 2012 ANMAC SA issued, 11 MAR 2012: WA-SS app. sent, 20 MAR 2012 WA-SS granted, 2 APR 2012 176 lodged, 176 granted 14 MAY 2012

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Hi Kimanda,


Sounds like a good idea to me, I have added my details.


Could I suggest a few more field that you could add/change:


ANZSCO Code of Job your applying for.

Category your in.

Instead of Skills assessment sent could it be skills assessment confirmation date

Not sure what letter of determination is?

IELTS 19/03/11 (Overall: 8.5) | ACS (Dev/Prog 2613-12) passed 18/06/11 | 175 Lodged 22/06/11 | Front Loaded PCC 26/09/11, Meds 19/11/11 | CO: 30/01/12 | Visa Grant: 31/01/12 | Fly Out to Perth 13/08/12 | Settling into Perth...

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