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Tom Brody

Resident's Return Visa

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Hello everybody, just wondering if anyone here may be able to throw some light or lead me in the right direction. First let me say a big thank you to anyone who responds, I appreciate it.


I was granted a skilled independent visa in August 2007 as the secondary member of the application. My wife who is now my Ex wife was the primary applicant. Off we went to Australia in January 2008, spent a great 18 months there but then came back temporarily in July 2009, as we had a house still for sale here in Wales, and the wife wanted to complete a 4 months course in UK for her work. Sadly everything went wrong, the buyer for the house pulled out, the sale fell through, the wife decided she was unsure about returning to Aus and had set her sights on Miami, Florida. As I had no intention of even visiting Miami even for a holiday, the marriage was doomed and we divorced. It was quite a shock. She has now set herself up there in Florida so good to know one of us came out of it OK. On top of this my Father's health here had deteriorated and he had become disabled, so there was a bit of an obligation to try and help him.


Even so I battled away and didn't give up my dream to live in Aus. It had been something I had wanted since a teenager. Well, I went back in July 2010 alone, but sadly returned after 3 months, due to ongoing problems back in UK, house still not sold and the rental arranged had moved on, also my Dad needed some operations on his knee and all in all it was just too worrying being so far away.


I have until August 2012 on my visa, but I know for sure I am not going to get back there in time to qualify for having lived for 2 out of the 5 years on the Visa to enable me to get a RRV. I do have genuine reasons and mitigating circumstances which have conspired against me to derail my migration, but I am unsure as to how the Australian authorities will view all this.


Does anyone have any advice on this. I have tried to summarise my circumstances rather than go rambling on. I have read there is a 5 year Resident Return Visa and also a 3 month Resident Return Visa. I can't quite get my head around the 3 month Resident Return Visa? How does that work? Is that valid for 3 months only? That can't be correct can it, seems a bit pointless.


Thanks to anyone reading this and with any information or help. I really appreciate it. Best wishes,


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Guest siamsusie

Hi Tom,


Bumping your post fr you, I hope you receive some answers soon.


Best wishes


Susie x

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