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Son wants to take girlfriend to oz

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Hi to everyone,


My 22 year old son wants to take his girlfriend with him if he moves to Perth in the future. He is a citizen by descent.


His girlfriend is not an Oz citizen so we are not sure how she would be able to move to Oz and what sort of visa she would need?


At present they are not living together. She is hoping to start college in September to train as a hairdresser. She is not a skilled worker.


I would be most grateful if anyone has any information they could give me.


I look forward to any replies.


Much appreciated


Bennyboy (Lisa):wubclub:

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Hi, as a citizen by descent your son can sponsor for a partner visa:

a. someone he is married to or

b. someone he intends to marry within 9 months or

c. someone he has been living with for 12 months or

d. someone that he has registerered a relationship with under state law (this isn't easy unless they are both living in Australia).

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