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Guest confuzed

cost of living in Melbourne?

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Guest confuzed

Hello everyone,

I have been offered a job opportunity with a salary of $85k and was wondering if this would be a good wage to support myself, partner and 1 year old child, I will be the only full time earner. is this enough to live off in Melbourne?

also, where would be a good area to live, my place of work would be in Kew but would like to live close to the beach and walking distance to most amenities etc.

thanks in advance!!!


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Welcome to the forum.


Should be ok to live on but depends where you rent really as to how expensive the rent will be.


Kew is a lovely suburb and very expensive area of Melbourne. However there are other suburbs around about which are less expensive.


It really depends how long you want to commute to work. Anywhere close to the CBD is expensive.


You could look at areas like Hawthorn, Clifton Hill, Balwyn, Box Hill, Camberwell to start with and then move out further from them.


Have a look at realestate.com.au at the rentals in these areas and it will give you an idea.


If you shop at the markets and buy fresh food then you can live much cheaper. Using the supermarkets for everything can be very expensive, especially any processed or ready made foods.


Good luck


:ssign15:taking no prisoners :wink:

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As Petals says its not a bad salary to live on for the 3 of you, but another factor worth thinking about is if you will be needing finance for furniture, car etc on arrival as well.


If you do, it will make a difference as well as where you decide to settle (rental costs)


Also in agreement with petals, learn to shop all over again and get into the habit of seriously looking at fruit and veg prices.


nearly $15.00 a kilo for bananas at the moment means we are eating kiwis instead :biglaugh: (free from my bosses garden)








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Guest DaneD

i am moving to hawthorn in august, i really like it there. if you are near glenferrie station then you are close to all kinds of shops and supermarkets. its a long walk from the beach though.

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