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Guest Boabee

Worried Young Couple :( - De Facto App

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Guest Boabee

Hi everyone,

Myself and my partner are currently compiling our De Facto Partner Visa. I am looking for advice and ANY opinions anyone has on our situation.


Details are as follows:


I am from Scotland and i immigrated to Australia in 2006 with my family, so i hold a permanent resident visa. I comeback to the UK in April 2007. Then i met my partner and it all changed to today's situation.

Met my partner in my home town - April 2009

Moved in together - January 2010 - I moved in with my partner but i was not on the lease

Decided we wanted to live together in Australia - September 2010

I moved back to Australia - April 2011 - Partner is still in the UK and hoping to come out with the visa whilst she finishes completing her college course and saves money. I am working away and now have the money to pay for our visa.





  • I have various letters with my name at her address, car insurance, hospital, bank statements, holiday itineries etc




  • wide selection of photos with friends together
  • lots of stat decs from friends and family
  • very detailed statutory declarations from when we met
  • joint bank account opened in April 2011


Looking at the above, the application looks very weak but our statutory declaration is a fantastic love story that makes all of the above make so much sense!


I don't want to be here in Australia if i can't have my girl here with me :(



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Guest siamsusie

Hi Boabee,


You have lived together from January 2010 until April 2011 therefore you would satisfy the 12 month period.


Only a small amount of photographs are required.

Proof that you were resident at your partner's address

Joint Will

Any club memberships?

Evidence to show that you are able to support your partner in Australia.


If you are able to show 12 months living together and an ongoing relationship, you should be fine I would have thought.


Good luck and best wishes



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