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Hints & Tips for Job Hunting in Oz from the UK

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Hi, I wondered if anyone had any hints and tips for job hunting in Oz?


I'm currently working as an Account Manager within a Food Marketing Company and my partner is an Environmental Engineer.


Is is actually possible to secure jobs before moving to Australia?


How have you found the job hunt?


How long did it take you to find a job?


Any help would be great....as at the moment we don't really know where is best to start but we have been applying through Job Boards, and my partner has had some interest but I'm really struggling.


Thank you! :biggrin:

Ruth & Chris /Manchester Uk/ Soon Perth WA (hopefully!)Job Offer/Job Accepted - 1/10/11 Employer Approved 14/11/11, Nomination Submitted 18/11/11, Nomination Approved 2/12/11, e457 Submitted 2/12/11, e457 Granted 6/12/11 :biggrin:

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I don't work in the same industry as you but I can share my experience of job hunting from the UK...


I had been looking for a position in australia for about 12 months. My goal was to find an employer that would sponsor me on a 457 visa and would pay for the relocation costs, flight visa etc. These were are common as rocking-horse poo. It was so difficult to find an employer who would entertain the idea of sponsorship when so many people were willing to pay for themselves to get out there first.


I finally found an employer willing to do it and we're currently going through the visa process.


If I could have afforded to get myself out there I would have as there's loads of work in my industry and getting a job would be no problem.


The only advice I would give is to review the options available to you in terms of visa types. Do you qualify for a working holiday visa? are you emigrating or just going for a while? It would be an idea to speak to agencies in australia to get an idea of how sought after your profession is over there. Also you could go onto the australian immigration web site to see if your job is on the required skills list.


There are loads of people on Pomsinoz who can offer a load of advice!


Good Luck :smile:

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try a expo, theres one in leeds this weekend and one in london next week :)

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