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Guest annerichard

Help on a E-Health issue

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Guest annerichard

Hi all,


Can any one help me?


Both me, the o/h and both our children are booked in to have our medicals, we were told by our agent that we are on the E-Health system but I phoned the clinic where are booked in for another matter to be told that we are not eligible for that on our visa which is a ss 176. :unsure:


Has any one else had the same sort of experience and is there any thing that we can do to get on this E-health system?


Thanks in advance


Anne :notworthy:

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Guest Pixie10

oo strange- we've booked ours in Manchester and confirmed on phone that we can do ehealth but I did notice on our confirmation email/info that they put 3 routes:


1. Forms 26/160 for paper submissions.

2. Online application forms 26EH/160EH.

3. Totally online – for temporary visas only.


So maybe your dr.s mean the totally online version is only available to temp visas so you will have to complete the online forms mentioned above??


I have heard of people completing the forms and printing them off only to be told they need the online version- hopefully someone whos done medicals will be along to help us!

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