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Guest bubbly

857 permanent resident visa- HELP please

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Guest bubbly



I have 857 visa approved recently, prior to this I was on 457 visa. I have been with the same employer for 1 and half year which includes 1 year with 457 visa and now six month with permanent 857 visa. this visa require me to stay with the same employer for further 1 and half year to complete 2 years duration. I currently live in regional area.

Now I am getting married in next few months- my partner is an Australian citizen and lives in Sydney. After marriage we want to live together in sydney, when i rang immigration they said 857 visa is a very strict one and have to comply with its terms.

What can i do to keep my residency and leave my employer, I know once I am married i can always apply for partner visa but I already have PR can i just keep this one, and break my contract with my employer.


can someone please help me ...:confused:

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Guest siamsusie

Hi Bubbly,


Welcome to Poms In Oz.


Bumping up your thread for you and hopefully someone will be along shortly to answer your questions.


Best wishes


Susie x

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