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Ping Pongers/Pommers, Opinions Please.

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Guest guest37336

I could to some extent could be classed as a 'Ping Ponger/Pommer', have been back and forward more times than I can remember, mostly due to unforeseen circumstances or for other people involved,:wubclub:.


And if things turn out we will soon be making our way back again. I would like to point out that my/our returns to the UK were not because we 'wanted' to, just circumstance is all, and I appreciate that many return to the UK because Australia (at the time) didn't tick certain boxes.


So for those of you who have returned other than 'having' to because of family reasons AND are thinking of going back do you 'think' that it is still the best idea. I guess what I am trying to say do you just remember the good times and forget (often sub conciouslessly) the bad times, or even the very thing that made you return in the first place.


I don't want to uproot any bad memories, just wondering for those that have tried on several occasions to emigrate do you still go with eyes wide open or say to yourself, 'This Time It Will Be Different'.


And in all honesty I know of a few migrants who have indeed been out there twice or more and in the grand scheme of things they have 'settled' far more successfully because they have learnt from previous mistakes.


Cheers Tony.:wink:

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