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Tea chests and the cost?

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We have pretty much decided that most of our furniture is not good enough to bother with a container, we have basically had our life on hold for the past 3-4 years waiting for the visa so have only bought furniture from places like Ikea. We do have the kids toy's and games consoles to take and I have a some tools that I'll definitely be bringing.


So in short we need smaller transportation options so we can start weigh it up and be brutal with our planned shipping if necessary. Has anybody else come to the same conclusion and if so how did you go about it?



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Guest siamsusie

They are and the service is excellent, they text you before arrival with the boxes, bubble wrap and gaffer tape etc and then you phone them for collection , they then sms you to warn you of your collection within the next 10 minutes which is excellent.. Nice people also.


Good luck



Susie x

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