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T minus 4 Days and I'm Cat 3 yippee, But

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Their is one big BUT, Will I get my visa this time or not. I think I have waited long enough now, and all me and the family want is up sticks and go.


It is just over 12months since we returned from what we booked as our validation trip. LOL.


So fingers are crossed, hopes are up, prayers are being said.


plz give me a visa :eek:


on the other side cos our visa was not going to be processed till after all cat 1,2 and 3's we started to live again so all the savings have started to dwindle and not capital funds are low, uggh



Do we put the house on the market just incase we get the visa,

Do we stop spending and start saving again incase the house wont sell,

Do we aaarrrrgggghhhhh:arghh:

My Head is Spinning

Fitter 4112 - Agent Apointed 28/01/09 - TRA Successful 08/05/09 - Visa 175 Submitted 12/05/09 - CO 30/8/11- Police checks uploaded 16/09/11 - Meds Finalised 28/09/11. Visa Granted 14/11/2011 :ssign19:in oz since Feb 12

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Guest The Ropey HOFF

Only you can decide what to do .............. best of luck.

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Wishing you all the very best, im sure you will make the right decision :wubclub:

Oz is Beautiful, but the uk is home :wubclub:

Returned to Bournemouth 20th August 2010


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