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Hints and tips on coming to Perth

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Hi everyone


My husband uses this site a lot and said everyone one here is really helpful so I thought I would give it a go!!


We are coming over to Perth in a couple of months (just waiting on visa and then notice on both jobs). He will be working fifo 3 weeks on and 1 off. I wont be working but long distance studying for my banking degree. His sister lives in Perth and so does someone else he use to work with. His mum lives in Brisbane and said she would pop over if we want.


I was wondering if anyone had any hints of tips about being a fly in fly out wife?


Or just the whole process of going over there? Any surprises that you thought you covered?


Really appreciate any help


Thank you!!

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Guest siamsusie

Hi Bushwacker,


I am a FIFO person , also my husband is a FIFO husband lol.


So feel free to drop me a Pm if you have any queries.


I also enclose a link or two...





There is also a rather nice support group going which you can join on face book





Best wishes


Susie x

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