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175 June 2011 Lodged Gang..

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Hi all,


Following on from the success of the 176 lodged threads, I thought it might be good to start a similar thread for the 175's...


I appreciate it will be a lot slower and the updates wont be as quick but would be good to keep them all in one place...


My time line is below...feel free to add yours...and....GOOD LUCK!!!!!

IELTS 19/03/11 (Overall: 8.5) | ACS (Dev/Prog 2613-12) passed 18/06/11 | 175 Lodged 22/06/11 | Front Loaded PCC 26/09/11, Meds 19/11/11 | CO: 30/01/12 | Visa Grant: 31/01/12 | Fly Out to Perth 13/08/12 | Settling into Perth...

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Guest siamsusie

A great idea,


Just giving it a wee bump for you


Susie x

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