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101 timeline?

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Has anyone recently completed subclass 101 visa for a baby?

We've redone our done police checks and got her UK passport. Now wondering how long it might take from application?

17/02/09 ACS RPL 2231-79 (Network Security) ¦ 02/05/09 ACS Result ¦ 08/05/09 175 Visa Application(Online) ¦ 29/09/09 Case Officer ¦ 09/10/09 Meds Done¦ 12/09/09 PCC’s Sent ¦ 27/10/09 Meds Finalised ¦ 09/11/09 Visa Granted!

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Guest siamsusie

Hi Pommysteve,


Bumping this up for you.. you might like to also think of posting on the migration thread where your answers might be more forth coming.


Good luck


Susie x

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