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Guest vpappas

Personal statutory declaration questions

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Guest vpappas

Hi everybody!


I am in the process of writing my personal statutory declaration that refers to our personal history.


Question 1) How do I write this? Do I just state dates and numbers OR do I express feelings as well. Is it more like writing a diary about ourselves (example: what I thought of my husband when I first met him and how we fell in love OR should it just be clear dates.)


2) I Know I have to write in this personal statement about how we support each other financially But WHAT do I write about how I PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY support him? what do they want me to write about? Especially the physically part????


3) my husband also was paid always in cash by his bosses and not through bank accounts so he doesn't have any bank statements to show. My question is do I write about this too in the personal statement??? and if so where do I justify the non bank statements?


4) My landlord (since it was a rented house) refused also to have our electricity bill in our name for years. She just gave us a photocopy of it and told us to pay her account in the bank. We have the receipts of the bank payments and all our names on it and the reason: for eletricity and Water. When I send this proof where do I write this explaining the situation???


Please, I would love to hear your answers.

Thanking in advance to everyone who does. So far you have been an enormous help to me.


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Guest yadnomis


with regards to personal statement,i would say it is more than just dates and to include feeling etc,when we did it we took the veiw that too much info was better than too little,physical and emotional support we included details of things we had had to deal with together like deaths in family,birth of child etc,and also more day to day stuff like who does housework,pays the bills and so on.as for the other questions i would include separate sheetsof additional info refering to these areas or particular questions on the form .hope this helps.

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