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Office Managers in ACT

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Hi all,


my wife and i are thinking of applying for a state sponsored visa to ACT. My wife is an office manager and currently this is a classed as limited on the occupation list and she will have to go through the verification stage and gain acceptance even before we can lodge an application for a visa.


My question is that because she works for an engineering company will this make a difference bearing in mind the kind of industry in Canberra and will this be assessed as part of the verification criteria.

Any advice from personal experince or otherwise would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Simon9274

The industry your wife works in should matter but her education/qualifications and work experience will. Your wife will need to apply to VETASSESS to have her skill sets assessed against that of an Office Manager.

On a negative note (I hate this bit) I feel you might be too late. To apply for VETASSESS, obtain their confirmation and gain SS from Canberra (or any other State/Territory) is almost impossible before the points changes on 1st July 2011. Have a look at the DIAC website to see if you will still have enough points to apply for SS. If yes, apply immediately to VETASSESS submitting the necessary documents they required.

I was assessed in 2009 as Office Manager and only last week we received confirmation that ACT granted our SS. Now we have to apply to DIAC for 176 visa before 1st July 2011.

Hope this helps?

Best of luck.


ACT; IELTS: Listening - 9; Reading - 8.5; Writing - 9; Speaking - 9.; SS 16th June; Visa granted! Moved to Canberra June 2012 and love it! Permanent employment.:jiggy:

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