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A Happy Call..at last!!

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After 6 months here, I think I finally heard the approval in my mothers voice! Phew.


Its my second stint in Australia, the first was on a WHV back around 5 years ago and since then I admit to a few bad decisions (politely put!) in the course of my life...the main one was leaving Australia in the first place.


Anyway, I think my parents were shocked at the suddeness of my move this time (a 457) and since then have worried profusely about me and what mess I'd get myself in this time. My parents - particularly my mother - are compulsive worriers. Surely after 8 children they'd realise there was a possibility at least 1 of us would move abroad? Apparently not. After a lovely Skype call with my nieces, I took a deep breath and dialled my parents for the monthly update and for the first time was greeted with positivity. How good did that feel! Its only taken 6 years!!


And then I mentioned I was going to Bali....


Ah well. :arghh:

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Guest siamsusie

Laughing here. You can never win as far as Mums are concerned!


Good luck to you


Susie x

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