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Cost of Living in Brisbane

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Hi guys,


I've done a bit of research and I've come up with the following general cost of living for Brisbane:


Costs are per month based on a family of 4 renting a 3/4 bed house.


Rent = $1,800

Water Rates n/a

Water Usage n/a

Contents Insurance = $35

Electricity = $150

Gas = $25

Phone = $60

Broadband = $50

Digital TV = $80


Hospital Cover = $115

Medical Ancillaries = $77

GP Expenses = $50


Schooling n/a state school (maybe)

Other costs for Children = $75


Car Insurance = $85

Annual License = $66

Service = $220 (per year)

Repairs = $350 (per year)

Fuel = $180


Food for family of 4 = $1,000

Entertainment = $500

Public Transport = $192


Does anybody have any opinions (good or bad) on this.


Thanks guys

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Guest sormesher

hi there,

i dont have a family of four so i cant tell you whether or not its realistic.

i know that state schooling does have a number of out of pocket expenses, from what my friends say you have a list of all the stationery, excercise books, text books, and reading books that you have to provide. i am sure that some of the people with children will be able to help. if you have a school in mind then maybe the schools website maybe able to help.

hospital cover. well i have actually looked at this today and i have taken out top hospital and top extras for the two of us and this is $325 per month. this was one of the cheapest for what i wanted it to cover. its a mind field out there when it comes to choosing. we did have just extras, dentist and stuff and this was $90 a month for the two of us.

i have a bulk bill doctor, there are lots of them around so we dont pay to see our gp, but things like xrays, smear tests, blood tests and medications can be expensive if you have thoes as out of pocket expenses. a web site iselect is a comparison sight that maybe able to help.

i think your house epenses maybe about right, not sure if you will have a gas payment and some rentals charge you water allowance so there maybe some fees there. my friend is in a rental and it is just her and her mum and she just got a bill of about $70. its all about water efficiency and whether the house applies or not.

i cant comment on your food as i dont know how you eat. there is the two of us we dont eat much meat and we dont have beer or wine in the house and we spend about $140 per week in woolies. our bill in tescos for more or less the same was about 60pound per week. that was 18months ago.

you havent included rego for your car. i have just done mine for the next 12 months it s a small car and the fee was about $600 for the year.

petrol at the moment is about $1.45 per lt, so it depends on the car and how far you travel i guess.

well i hope this helps! i live between brisbane and the gold coast by the way so it will be similar to what you are looking at i guess.

good luck...

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I think the electric cost is quite low. if you want any sort of heating or cooling in the house it will be higher than that. We live in a 4 bed house and ours is over $1000 per quarter. However, the pool does account for some of that.








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