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Guest JanUK

advice, please re 176, nurse, qualified issue

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Guest JanUK


I am new to this so would appreciate any advice which might help me with my visa application.

Earlier this year I looked at the 176 application and followed a link which took me to the AHPRA requirements for registration in Oz so I submitted my application to them, and now have my in principle letter (as of yesterday).

Having looked again at the 176 I now realise that I need the skills assessment by the ANMAC before a visa will be granted.

My AHPRA application was supported by a letter from my school and the training program for my nursing qualification, all undertaken in English in the UK, and therefore I did not do an IELTS test. If I now need to do this I am unsure which is the right one to satisfy the ANMAC.

I had intended to submit my visa application before the end of June, but am worried that this will be a waste of time and money if I don't have the completed IELTS and skills assessments, which cannot be achieved by then.

Can anyone advise me whether submitting the 176 relative sponsored visa application without these missing bits will still be worthwhile, bearing in mind the visa changes which are due to take place on 1st July?

Many thanks

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I'm not sure if nurses have to do IELTS, I think they do but someone else will answer that. But do not apply without everything that is on the DIAC checklist or you could be making an invalid application. DIAC will refuse your visa on the basis that you have not sent everything and not refund your application fee. I do know you must have your skills assessment from the proper authority before making your application.

05/09/09 Mailed my 309/100 app 17/09/09 CO 05/10/09 Meds 08/10/09 PCC 09/10/09 Xray, 18/12/09 Extra Medical report recieved by CO 14/01/10 Hep B test, 09/02/10 New CO aggh 18/02/10 309, Baby visa needed now for our move in Sept 2011

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