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South Australia to increase migrants intake this program year

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I received email from South Australia stating their increase in budget funds for more migrants



Budget funds for skilled migration reform

The Australian Government is increasing its intake of skilled migrants from 2011-12 with a new program announced to help fill critical needs, particularly in regional areas.

The skill stream intake will increase to 125,850 places. Of these 16,000 places will be made available to regional Australian employers under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

Regional visas will also be afforded the highest processing priority to recognise the needs of employers and encourage regional migration.

State sponsorship also receives priority processing by the Federal Government.

Applications for State sponsorship for 2010-11 are now closed. Please visit our website and register to be notified when applications for 2011-12 open.



its a good news to those who are stuck in Cat 4

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I received the same mail this morning. Where does it say South Australia to increase migrants this year? :err:




Vic SS online app: 6 Jan 2011 | ACS online app: 13 Apr | ACS Positive (Analyst Programmer): 20 Jun | Vic SS approved: 22 Jun | 176 e-Lodged: 23 Jun | CO: 08 Jul | Meds: 25 Jul | PCC: 05 Aug | Grant: 10 Aug | Wooohooooooo: Lifetime! :wink:

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It doesn't say that. Only the Federal government can issue visas. It says in the SA newsletter that the Federal government will increase the numbers.

Sandra Maxfield LLB (Hons), BA

www.eurekamigration.com; Lawyer admitted in Victoria, Australia & New York, USA. MARN 1066311

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yeah i was thinking that also will also affect SA to increase their quota for this PY. my apology :)

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